Monday, 26 August 2013

Wow.  Years of operating with your head firmly planted in the sand leads to all sorts of bad things when it comes to your finances.  Denial, ignorance, shame.  Yup, they all played a part in our financial demise.

Here we are in our mid-forties, and we have no savings, next to no retirement funds (other than pensions and a very small RRSP), no money set aside for child #2 and her education and a whole buncha' debt.

How did we get here?  Well, that's not as important as how we're going to fix it.  I've got a plan and we're going to follow through with it for the next three years and beyond.  Three years is how we're going to resurface from the depths of debt.  Beyond is how we're going to plan and get prepared for the years that follow.

For the first time in years, and I mean YEARS, I'm excited about our finances!  I feel positive and if I shut my eyes, I can imagine the 500-lb weight being lifted off of my over-burdoned shoulders.  It feels good.  Heck, it feels FANTASTIC!

So, here we go!  Three years and counting!  We can do this!  And we will.

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  1. Almost 1/3 of the way there. Are you still on track?